The Select Board voted to put a debt exclusion vote for a new Community Rink and Sports Facility on the ballot for the April 4th town elections. There’s lots of work to do – everything from displaying a yard sign to canvassing. Please click the Volunteer Form button and connect with us.

Together we can keep this important community resource in Belmont.

    Sign holding.

    Saturdays 9 – 12.  Concord Ave and Cushing Square.

    Sign up here. 

    Call for Canvassers!!!

    Watch the How-To video here. 

    Pick up your canvassing kits at 42 Madison (home of Nicole Dorn) on Saturday from 10am-12pm. 


    Were you surprised or disappointed at the election outcome related to the rink this past fall? We have another shot at this. Passing a debt exclusion takes effort. We didn’t have enough volunteers for the campaign last fall. If having a rink in Belmont is important to you, we need you to jump in and help raise awareness. And here is a great chance to do just that.

    The Yes for the Rink Campaign needs volunteers to knock on doors of voters over the next several weekends. Please SIGN UP HERE. Election guru’s note that canvassing is one of the most effective strategies a campaign has for getting the votes needed.

     Routes have been prepared with the addresses noted for those who vote in the April elections. There are well over 5500 households on the list. Each route has 30-40 houses and usually takes about two hours. This means we have to cover about 140 routes over the next 4 weekends which will take 35 volunteers a weekend.  You can choose to complete your route at any time over the weekend.

    We provide a canvass kit to each volunteer. This kit includes: a script with talking points, your route and palm cards and pins that you can offer to people. 

    Again, we cannot emphasize enough how important canvassing is to this campaign and helping get a new rink in Belmont. We would greatly appreciate all of the volunteers we can get. 

    Thank you!

    The Yes for the Rink Campaign Team